The Top Schools In The US

The United States is said to have some of the best post secondary schools in the world. If you consider the businesses and companies that have been developed and run by graduates from these institutions, you’ll recognize the amount of ingenuity and entrepreneurship from these American Universities are second to none. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of the best Universities in the world, constantly with the more Universities and Colleges than any other country. In no particular order we want to share our list of top post secondary institutions. We stress in no particular order because having the opportunity to attend anyone of these Universities is an honor in itself.

As with all the top Universities sometimes a high GPA is just one of the factors that the admissions department will consider. Since these top Universities have their pick of the top students from around the world. You’ll want entry into any of these universities you’ll want a high SAT, ACT and AP scores, you want to make sure you take the test before submitting your application. You’ll also want to show your participation in extracurricular activities to show that you’re well rounded, and more than just about academics. Volunteering and community participation also shows you’re willing to give back, institutions like these want to have students who are generous. Teacher recommendations, would also improve your chances of acceptance into one of these institutions.


HarvHarvard_Logoard is world renowned for the quality of its education, its often one of the tougher schools to get acceptance to, as it’s usually the best of the best who will meet the requirements to enter Harvard, a GPA of close to 4.0 doesn’t guarantee entry.

Harvard was first established in 1636 as the first post secondary institution in the United States. Harvard currently has the capacity to host about 21,000 students on its campus. Harvard has eleven academic degreHarvard_Campuse program faculties with Radcliffe Institute which is for advanced education. Harvard’s campuses are spread throughout the Boston, it has one of the largest endowments at approximately $32 billion. Harvard offers all the major areas of study sciences, engineering, economics, finance, psychology, anthropology, government, music, psychology and social policy. Harvard also boast one of the best online education programs as well, in 2013 Harvard introduced a distance learning program, where many of its lectures were recorded and available publicly at no cost. Harvard being one of the top institutions in the country awards students bachelor degrees, masters degrees, PHDs, doctorate degrees, and advanced professional certifications in some areas of study.

Harvard continually ranks within the top 3 schools in America, in 2011 it was ranked as the top University in the United States. Harvard Library is one of the most well known libraries in the world, containing some valuable original historical books.


StanfordLogoStanford is located in Silicon Valley close to Palo Alto. Stanford’s academic departments are spread across 7 divisions, with some of these divisions located outside of the main campus. Stanford consist of a hands on approach to education, and offers students laboratories and nature reserves. Stanford started off offering free education, but couldn’t sustain that model. In 2015 Stanford offered families of students who were making under $125,000 annually free tuition. This was made possible by its large endowment fund and through donations from its alumnis.

Stanford has been world renowned for its technology and engineering programs. There have been several Unistanford_campusversity projects at Stanford that have developed into big businesses having a profound impact on the world. Google, Nike, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems and Yahoo were all student projects that started at Stanford that evolved into massive corporations.

There are many programs that are offered which include business, earth sciences, medicine, sociology, engineering, literature and urban studies. Stanford has been known by its research opportunities available to its students. Although there are research opportunities for students pursuing bachelor’s degree, most of the grants open once you become a graduate student

University of California – Berkley

BerkleBerkeleyy University actually consist of 14 different schools and colleges such as School of Business, School of Public Health, College of Chemistry, and the School of Public Health. University of California – Berkley is one the largest public University. Berkley has the capacity to handle 35,000 studBerkeley_Campusents each year. Berkley offers degrees in a variety of areas, from computer science, environmental science, policy and economics, engineering, political science, advanced medicine and biology, are just to name a few. Berkley actually has over 130 academic departments throughout the university, the areas of study listed earlier are some of the more common areas of academia that students pursue at the University of California – Berkeley.

Berkeley has been rated as the top public post secondary institution in 2011 and still holds that title today. Despite that it’s ranked as the top public University, it’s ranked 22nd overall by some accreditation. Berkeley currently holds the distinction as being able to offer

The rankings for the top Universities for the United States, ranked each University based on several important factors. Which includes the success of their alumnis , the quality of the social network, extracurricular activates that are available to students.

Princeton University

Princeton_UniversityPrinceton University was founded in 1746 and it’s campus is enormous at 600 acres, Princeton has consistently ranked as one of the top Universities in country year after year. Princeton is located in New Jersey, Princeton was the fourth University built in the United States.Princeton_Campus

Princeton is well recognized for its academic programs, for its International and Public Affairs, it’s School of Engineering, and it’s programs for Applied Science. There have been many notable graduates of Princeton University Michelle Obama the current First Lady graduated from law in Princeton.

Yale University

YaleLogoYale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut, it has a sizable campus of 342 acres. Yale has consistently ranked as one Yale_Campusof the top Universities and world renowned. Yale consists of different schools, it organizes it’s academic programs as schools. Its current schools consist of Law School, School of Management, School of Medicine, School of Art, School of Nursing, School of Drama, School of Forestry, School of Environmental Studies and the School Divinity

Yale’s tuition fees is around $45,000 annually. It’s consistently one of the top Ivy League schools of the country.